Oh fuck, my rope is gone!

We are at the base of El Cap, the first pitch of the Nose. Robert wants to take some photos of me for First Ascent, one of my sponsors. We couldn't find a third person as a belayer today, so we have to improvise in order to not get any "butt-shots". Robert has rope-soloed up the first pitch and abseiled down halfway. It's my turn to rope solo up so that Robert can take some photos of me horizontally. I start off, and about halfway up the pitch I look down to see that my rope is gone "Oh fuck, where's my rope?" I shout out. I must have run out of rope and the end pulled through my Grigri that I was using to self-belay. Luckily the pitch was really easy and Robert's abseil ropes right there.... The photo shows Robert holding the end that I was attached to.

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