I have been climbing a lot. Too much in fact. Every day. Most of my body has been taking some serious abuse. My feet in particular have been taking some abuse. Turns out I had an open sore on my 2nd toe and got some dirt in it. That open sore got infected. The next day I had a dark red line running up my leg from my toes. That didn't look good. So I went to the local clinic. The doctor said that if I had waited a bit longer they would have had to amputate my frikken toe! Eina. That was close. I got a huge injection in my butt and an even bigger bill: $500 for about 15 minutes. That really hurt. So it's time for me to give it a rest for a few days.

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Garron said...

You would have known that amputation was the way to go if you had read the first aid section in Western Cape Rock ;)