Meeting all the famous climbers!

We couldnt have timed it better. Every night this week there has been something on at the Visitor Center in the Valley. We saw the new Film "The Sharp End", part of the Reel Rock Tour. Fantastic.
We have met: Alex Connold (free soloed the Rostrum and Astroman in a day, as well as Half Dome), Yuji Hirayama from Japan (El Cap speed record holder with Hans Florine); Dean Potter; Timmy O'Neill (the funny guy from return to Sender); Beth Rodden (can't believe how tiny she is); Chris Macnamara (author/owner of the Supertopo, the good topos we have been using). Incidentally, Yuji and Hans are currently working on a new record). Check out the photos, article and video on
All these famous climbers are in town as part of a Festival called the Yosemite face lift, where all the climbers help cleaning up the place.

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